SOA Architecture, Governance, and Industry Standards in the Enterprise

Paul Lipton

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One day, Snow White decided to deploy a Web service. Her IT dwarves immediately went to work and were pleasantly surprised to find how easy it was to create the Web service using modern development tools. To Snow White's development dwarves, it almost seemed like magic. Since Snow White's cottage was a Java shop, they deployed the Web service in their J2EE application server, but they could have just as easily used .NET and it would have seemed just as magical - maybe even more so, given the wealth and power of the Wizard of Seattle. Since Snow White had lived in a palace with a wicked witch, she was no stranger to corporate culture in general and risk aversion in particular. Snow White also had clear goals. She had wisely eschewed the use of magic mirrors, and tended to favor a few industry analysts along with a handful of software vendors who seemed both willing a... (more)

No Man Is an Island in the World of Pervasive Computing

Do you want to understand our industry? Forget the big-name industry pundits and think-tanks. Look to the great poets like Donne and Shakespeare. You can't go wrong. The great poets can provide a long-term, human perspective on how we think, dream, and scheme. That insight is useful even in the new world of Web services and pervasive computing. A better understanding of our own human nature will help us overcome our fear. This is important because too much fear can be both paralyzing and fatal, especially in IT. But, a tiny bit of fear can be helpful if it inspires us to continu... (more)

Accessing Resources: New Web Service Application Patterns for a Service-Oriented World

Mae West said, "When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before." But, sometimes, when choosing between two equally appealing options, the best policy is to take both. WS-ResourceFramework and WS-Transfer, two new specifications for accessing XML representations of resources through Web Services have been announced. Although it's not uncommon to find competing specifications and standards in the world of Web Services, this time we shouldn't be forced to make an exclusive choice because WS-ResourceFramework and WS-Transfer can serve compliment... (more)

Governance, Security, and Management in a Service-Oriented World - When New and Old Collide

Significant investments in the successful management and administration of many critical business systems have had mixed success over the years. In a new, more competitive age of regulation and globalization, SOA promises much in terms of business agility and efficiency, but how do we maintain visibility, control, and appropriate governance of this new and much more highly distributed service-oriented world? Most authorities in this field agree that management and security are complimentary foundations of an essential framework for SOA success, but what does that really mean and ... (more)

SOA World Cover Story — Are You Being Served?

"A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five." - Groucho Marx  People have begun to understand that a properly implemented SOA has the potential to improve business agility and adaptability to changing business conditions, but we're still suffering from at least one innate prejudice common to IT folks. That prejudice comes, in part, from our own fascination with the technology we use. Perhaps we need to view the goals and challenges that SOA brings with the same simplicity that small children selling lemonade from a box on the sidewalk have for a... (more)